San Francisco

Visited San Francisco in July for the one year anniversary of Book & Job Gallery, and explored around for the weekend.30810001 30810004 30810006 30810007 3081000830810010

Also got to visit the inspiring studio of Danny Hess

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Big thanks to Carson Lancaster for letting me borrow a fun camera for the weekend.


springs fire

Upon developing this roll, I realized it had three events on it: two different hikes around Malibu, and exploring just after the Springs Fire in May, which had burned entirely through one of the previous hikes, and just around the other. The pre and post fire roll.01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14

one million bones


This June I flew to Washington, DC with my mom for the installation of One Million Bones, a project to raise awareness about genocide and mass atrocities such as in Sudan, South Sudan, the Congo, Somalia and Burma. For three years time, over one million handmade bones were collected from people across the world, all brought together for an installation on the National Mall. My mom and I, along with thousands of others, dressed in white and helped lay down the bones, then met with senators and representatives regarding these issues and what can be done. See the One Million Bones  site as well as the Students Rebuild site for more about the project and other related ones.

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I love my New York family

March of this year, I got to visit my beloveds in NYC for the weekend. What a joy. Hope to see you all again very soon. Thanks for making life so fantastic.

30830030308300323083003530830036308300343083003330830017308300283083002930830026308300253083001630830020These friends happen to also be extremely talented, and inspire me everyday. Some of them have websites for your viewing pleasure: